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When a young intern at the local Senior Day Center challenges DAISY, an accomplished elderly Native American woman to dream big, she re-evaluates her old frail body yet still strong youthful mind and sets out on a stirring quest to fulfill a life-long desire.

Cast & Crew

CAST     Pershlie Ami, Emeka Ukaga, Jan Sandwich, Roz Monahan, Dan Weisgerber, Alex Camacho, Camille Nighthorse, Ernest Tsosie III, Joel David Taylor, Mark Clinton Sanchez

DIRECTOR     Holt Hamilton

WRITER     Holt Hamilton

PRODUCER     Travis Hamilton

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS     Rebekah Hamilton, Bethany Ray Baldwin, G'Lenn Bloxham, Michael Heaton

Film Stats

RELEASE DATE: 11/3/2023
RUNTIME: 94 minutes


What People Said about Touch the Water

"Storytelling that in my mind couldn't be more perfect."

-ykjdh (IMDB Review)

"I thoroughly enjoyed watching "Touch the Water."

- b_girolamo (IMDB Review)

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