In the small town of Blue Gap, (on the Navajo Reservation) three brothers combine their talents to form the greatest band Blue Gap has ever known. By chance, these three brothers hear about an exciting opportunity to audition for a German music producer. The comedy picks up speed as the brothers journey from their little town to the big city. The brothers then get caught up in the outrageous hype so much that they find themselves committing to do whatever it takes to win the competition, even if that means selling out and winning the elusive trip to tour Europe!

Cast & Crew

CAST     Ernest Tsosie III, Vincent Craig, James Bilagody, Beau Benally, Jana

DIRECTOR     Holt Hamilton

WRITER     Holt Hamilton

PRODUCERS     Travis Hamilton

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS     Rebekah Hamilton

Film Stats

RUNTIME: 90 minutes
RATING: Not Rated


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