A Native American Veteran, burdened by survivor's guilt after a disastrous military tour, is forced to search for his missing grandfather after his ancestral land is mysteriously taken over by an Unknown Federal Organization!

Why Science Fiction?

“I wanted to make a film that gave me new experience in a genre that I had never worked in before. I'm determined to be a great filmmaker, and part of that growth process is experimenting with various genres. From the beginning, I’ve felt that I need to make twelve features before I can call myself a filmmaker. This is number 5. "Legends" allowed me to learn more about special effects and the magic that tool can bring to a story.” - Holt Hamilton

Cast & Crew

CAST     Edsel Pete, Mia Sable, Chris Robinson, Ernest Tsosie III, James Bilagody, Thomas H. Begay

DIRECTOR     Holt Hamilton

WRITER     Holt Hamilton

PRODUCERS     Travis Hamilton, Jake Johnson, Christina Tsosie, Jarrod Wilson, Glenn Ellis, Cary Cook

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS     Rebekah Hamilton, Rizwan Virk, Wendy Piatek

Film Stats

RUNTIME: 85 minutes
RATING: Not Rated


What People Said about Legends from the sky

"It's fun. It's mysterious. It's exciting. It's a good film for everyone in the family."

- Rob Sibley (IMDB Review)

"Legends from the Sky interweaves dialogue in Navajo...that add richness to the film"

- Indra Arriaga (Rotten Tomatoes / Anchorage Press Review

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