In this intimate documentary, Holt Hamilton captures the story behind the humble and passionate Oreland C. Joe - a man whose ability to capture human emotion in his intricate sculptures has brought him worldwide recognition, numerous awards and honors.

At a young age, Oreland knew that art would be his lifelong passion. Encouragement from his parents and a trip overseas led to his eventual interest in sculpting. This interest, combined with his knowledge of Native American history and culture, is evident in his detailed sculptures.

​Despite his fame and world travels, Oreland remains a very humble and grateful man. He still finds time to teach and mentor others in his Kirtland, New Mexico studio. He serves as a role model for artists, both young and old, as to what can be achieved when passion collides with hard work and determination. His goal is not only to continue to create beautiful forms of art but to help young Native American artists realize their potential.

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