For four years, the Jicarilla Apache Nation's Johnson O'Malley program, led by Lynn Roanhorse, and Holt Hamilton Films have joined forces to encourage, motivate and empower Jicarilla Apache youth by providing hands-on learning and mentorship in the filmmaking process. Follow this exciting journey as Native American youth show the world that they can do great things when EMPOWERED.

Why 'Empowered'?

“I wanted to share some of the positive and amazing things that were happening in Native Country with some wonderful Native youth of the Jicarilla Apache Nation. Lynn Roanhorse, a community member, invited me to work with her on developing a film workshop that could empower her youth. After a few years of joint effort, I realized what an amazing thing was happening, and so went to work to try and capture some of that for the world to see. I believe we did."
​- Holt Hamilton

Cast & Crew

CAST     Jicarilla Apache Youth, Lynn Roanhorse, John Paul-Howard, Ken Topolsky

DIRECTOR     Holt Hamilton

WRITER     Holt Hamilton

PRODUCERS     Travis Hamilton

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS     Rebekah Hamilton

Film Stats

RUNTIME: 37 minutes
RATING: Not Rated


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