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An Exclusive Human Story... 

Our 2023 Film was Touch the Water

When a young intern at the local Senior Day Center challenges DAISY, an accomplished elderly Native American woman to dream again, she re-evaluates her frail old body yet strong youthful mind and sets out on a quest to fulfill a vision.

Official Trailer

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More About Holt Hamilton Film's Founder & Filmmaker

Travis Holt Hamilton

Travis Holt Hamilton has one goal in filmmaking; to produce twelve films before he calls himself a real 'filmmaker'. Despite having produced six theatrically released narrative feature films to date, 'Halfway Hamilton' considers himself a minor leaguer still trying to make it full time to the 'show'. 

Hamilton grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho, where he rode horses and mules, lettered in high school baseball and basketball and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Hamilton got his start in film when he was cast as an extra in a Disney movie. His first speaking role was the lead actor in the 2002 adventure film The Shadow of Light. After that, he was "bit by the film bug"!

​He wrote his first film, Turquoise Rose, in 2003, while deployed to the Middle East. He later produced and released it in 2007. As an independent filmmaker, Hamilton faced many challenges when it came to distribution of his movies. He self-funded Turquoise Rose with 11 credit cards. He bought a 12-foot screen, a projector and speakers and began traveling the Navajo Nation to show the film, an endeavor that prompted him to learn how film distribution really worked. Hamilton later worked his way into mainstream theaters, growing from local showings in the Southwest to a much larger radius that continues to still expand today.

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